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HAMADA, Takasi,
Japanese ragtime guitarist
Here is the web page of HAMADA Takasi,
Japanese classic ragtime guitarist, singer, poet, editor of "the Ainu Times".
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HAMADA, Takasi
Tomioka-cho 1-32-136 Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan


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"How to arrange ragtime for the guitar"
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YouTube: Through the Bottomlands
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" You have a wonderful touch and the choice of material is very interesting. You are a special player."
- Woody Mann, country blues guitarist -

" Wonderful, historical contemporary ragtime guitarist, who should be equal to David Laibman."
- Tokio Uchida, country blues guitarist, and president of TAB Guitar School in Japan -

" Mr. Hamada is a talented guitarist."
- Jazz by Mail -

" He is regarded as a leading expert of ragtime guitar in Japan. He has much originality, and his stance to the ragtime arrangement for solo guitar is very serious."
- (Japanese) Acoustic Guitar Magazine 19, 2004 -
" Does he have 7 fingers of right hand?"
- (Japanese) Acoustic Guitar Book 17, 2003 -

" There are so many beautiful compositions on the CD ["Orion"], but 'I'll Remember You' stands out especially for me now."
- David Thomas Roberts, composer, pianist, Neo-Romantic artist -

" You did a very good job on 'Alaskan Rag' and 'Ragtime Bobolink'. We also enjoyed your compositions. They are very nice."
- Patricia Lamb Conn, a daughter of Joseph F. Lamb -

" You have really catched the Ragtime sound, intricated, sophisticated, dancing and powerful, it's amazing! "
- Antoine Payen, ragtime blues guitarist -

HAMADA went to NAMM Summer Session at Nashville Convention Center & Gaylord Entertainment Center, in July 20-22, 2001. This was his first visit to USA. All through this NAMM trade show, he demonstrated and played MORRIS guitar made by Moridaira Musical Insruments, Japan.

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